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Originally Posted by jonnyspeed View Post
I am thinking of using an RCLander 90mm aluminum fan on 6s. It looks like it puts out up to 3Kg thrust which is .5Kg more than the Changesun. It is more expensive though. Thoughts and recommendations? I fly from grass so I am looking for light weight with high thrust. I don't have a 90mm fan so I am open to suggestions.
As stated above... you can't get somethin' for nothin' so the power to make that extra thrust has to come from somewhere. Keep in mind the thrust data for the ChangeSun fan is based on a 1900kV outrunner. The fan is capable of alot more... given different motors and cell counts. If you went with a higher kV motor I'm sure you'd get that extra thrust but your amps will go way up....

It's all about finding that sweet spot between thrust, amps, and Efflux.

Here are some economical 6S combos I know work well:

- ChangeSun Fan with a 1900kV outrunner (Scorpion or Hyperion 3026-1900, or generic motor included in combo).
- Haoye 6 Bladed Fan with a 1900kV outrunner.
- HET 9305 with a 1900kV outrunner.

These will pull 70-80A and put out about 1700-1800watts. I predict based on experience with similar-sized models of similar construction you should see a top speed of 100 to 110mph.

The exhaust nozzle should be choked down to at least 76mm but no smaller than 72mm.

All of this info comes from my own models and other buddies' that I fly with...


My buddy is coming over on Sunday and bringing an extra ChangeSun fan/motor combo he has laying around. We're going to test fit it in and he may let me buy it off him so I can get going!
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