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It's too small a top surface for building anything but the smallest of models and too small, flimsy and light to serve well as a proper heavy wood working bench. Look at the top size. It's only 60 x 20 inches.

If you wanted this as a "work island" to complement a kitchen counter style wall bench for model building then fine. But as it sits now I'd suggest that it's too small a work top.

If you have nothing at all at the moment I'd suggest you go around to a supplier of used construction materials. They all have collections of old kitchen cabinets and counters. Make a deal on a few cabinet lower drawer units and a few uppers depending on what your shop area can use. Get a damaged "second" of pre finished counter top. When you install the cabinet lowers pay particular attention to shimming them all up to level and matching. Leave a 30 inch leg well so you can sit at the bench at one spot. This will all fit against a wall and serve well since it'll be a much more useable size and provides far more storage. Upper cupboard units provide more storage and a place to mount the bench working lights and valence to avoid blinding yourself.

A setup such as that would run you about double or perhaps triple the cost of that HF bench but it would be a Cadalac solution that would last you for years instead of a Yogo used bucket of bolts solution that you'll outgrow or find inadequite within weeks.

I know you didn't want an alternate but really the size of this thing makes it more a "scale model" of what a real proper wood working bench truly is. And as for a model building bench it's a disaster that can't be modified to be even passingly adequite unless you only build a few extra small models a year or perhaps if it would be an island workplace addon to an existing shop.
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