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I've had two reports of shipping damage out of the 22 prototypes shipped out so far. One was minor and probably more my fault (cap vibrated loose... indicative more of a poor or missed solder). The other was more serious as two of the pogo pins were smashed to hell by an angry postal worker with a vicious rubber stamp.

As I mentioned before, I was deliberately shipping these in simple bubble envelopes because it greatly reduces both the packaging and postage costs. Now I seek your input.

Option 1: Keep doing it this way and deem casualties "acceptable losses". If 1 out of 22 is the extent of it, then maybe its not a bad way to go. I'll take responsibility but its an inconvenience to the customer.

Option 2: "Standard" sized box. Eliminates the problem and doesn't cost me too much more (so price stays the same) but shipping goes from a < $8 to ~ $15.

Option 3: Custom box. Eliminates the problem and keeps shipping costs low, but now packaging costs are significant and I have to bump the price of the product up by $3.

If you were me... ???

- Steven
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