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Originally Posted by jagsta View Post
I'm learning nose and side-in orientations at the moment on the sim, and i'm finding nose-in quite a lot easier than side-in. Also, one side is a lot easier for me than the other, is this typical?

It's really hard being disciplined enough to stick to repeating the basic exercises, I keep wanting to go flying off or try a bit of inverted hovering before too long. This always ends with the heli in pieces, lol.

Pitchp: If you mean without crashing I reckon I could do a (virtual) pack ok. If you mean with it nailed to one spot I can probably manage half a minute before I go off for a wander!

In the real world, I'm still getting up the courage to try it out!
sideins I have no problems, as i take off sidein most times. I need to change that. I keep forgetting what my mentor told me. :P she said always set your heli nose in for take off. Ohh I can land nose in, soft landing and hard landings with big flares. It's just I'm trying to nose in, but after about 2-3 mins, i don't know if it the heli or it's me, but it goes wonky, then I over correct then "crash" sim or real life, the same thing always happens
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