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Freewing Electric Retract

Freewing electric Retracts (See pitcure Sample below).
Weight per retract w/o strut: 40g (1.4oz)
Height bottom of mount to top: 24mm (.95")
Width of Retract: 18mm (0.71")
Length: 67mm (2.64")
Strut Mount Rod Dia: 4mm

Mount Holes;
Width:29mm (1.14")
Length: 24mm (.95")

Already available via RC-Castle or Hobby lobby.

These appear to be a unique retract different from RCLanders and Eflite.
The design is like RCLanders in that the strut rod is mounted and locked in place via two grub screws thru the brass alloy trunnion axle. Also the motor, gear, electrics and overall size is the same.

Freewing improved on the Trunnion design, a larger metal lock block and thinker heavier worm gear.

The Freewing Trunnion (almost identical to the RCLander) has been improved on in that in the down and locked position there is a flat surface on the tip of the trunnion that rests on top of the metal lock block (which on the Freewing is made of thinker metal). On the RCLander the thin lock block was designed to push the sharp pointed trunnion tip and hold it; it was not designed to lock the trunnion in place other than by the worm gear.
The Freewing I find is superior in that even if there is a failure the trunnion can not rotate because the metal block holds it in place and can not move since the worm gear hold the block in place.
The Lander the Trunnion slipped off the tip of the thinner metal block.

The Lander is distinguishable by it brass mount hole option to be used to mount the retract or by bolting the retract to a mount plate made of metal or plastic. These plates can be mounted either from the top or the bottom.
The Freewing mounts and retract body are one piece and can only be mounted conventionally from the bottom.

Based on observations of Eflite 15-25 with the 4mm strut rod (though the Eflite trunnion is of the similar design to the Freewing but is wider) and the fact that both Eflite and RCLanders rate there at 3.5kg or 7.5lbs, these being of similar construction will likely rate the same.

It increase the load range heavier 5mm struts could be accommodated with a 1mm sleeve. The Trunnion axle is 6mm thus drilling it out to fit a 5mm rod may weaken the strength of the metal axle mount.

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