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Originally Posted by pitchp View Post
I see RB's point of view, and I kinda agree on his point, but I have seen people fork out big $$$ in this hobby only to give it up with in less than 2 years. I've seen them buy futaba TX, with the latest Raptors, then they bling it out. They hardly fly it, because they were always to scared to crash it. And I have seen people like me and you, who splurges on the cheap, but gets heaps of air time with heaps of crashes, and still loving the hobby. So with that in mind. I have no frikkin clue what I'm talking about, all I know is I use the cheap walkera 2801 TX v1, and I still haven't learnt how to use it to the full potential. I still need to learn Pmixes. But anyway I crashed today, I hit a tree, doing a nose in hover. My fault, I'm preety sure the tree didn't jump infront of my heli, but luckily it wasn't a raptor, just a cheap $20 250 plastic clone. I crash on the sim aswell. Ijust can't wait to lower my crash rate. Then I'll move up in the scale. I'm very happy that i took this route, instead of going out all big, as what most people recommend. So I agree with you in a way aswell. This hobby luckily facilitates all kinds of people with different needs. And I hope it will never change.

Here here!

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