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Originally Posted by Barak1001 View Post
The cost of a DX6i with an AR6200 receiver is $200 per Horizon Hobby's site.
The cost of an RDS8000 with an 8 channel receiver is $200 per Airtronic's site.
Fair enough - as I said previously, I checked UK street prices, and that was far from the case here. I can of course get a DX6i on its own for 70 ($110), along with a $8 RX...

As far as the cost of the satellite on HK, it bothers me that they want more for the unit than the cost of the original receiver.
That's simply because you don't understand HobbyKing economics. Come to that it's not even anything that strange in the normal supply and demand system - there's considerable competition for cheap receivers, none (yet) for satellites. You're getting confused between price and value.

Do some research on DSSS vs FHSS. The benefit isn't theoretical.
Surely any research I do would just tell me... the theory? As it happens I'm a comms engineer, so I know all about the difference - the point being that if it doesn't cause your aircraft to fall out of the sky, the difference is theoretical.
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