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At the risk of running farther down this rabbit trail..... I've not yet bought an ARF, having done Guillows stick and tissue years ago, a Gentle Lady when first returning to the hobby in '02, then finding foam and jumping into scratch building foamies. I have, however watched a lot of guys at the local flying sites and the Indoor Soccer arena we fly at in winter working with their ARFs. It seems like by far, most of them don't fly very well. Now, it may be more a reflection of the skill of the pilot, I've not studied them well enough as I'm usually flying my own concoction, but I wonder if it's that they start with a suboptimal design/build (perhaps the One size fits few concept as you might expect for a plane designed to first be saleable and also flyable) and expend a lot of energy trying to get it to fly right, or even more energy trying to rebuild it to fly right. Maybe this is a jaundiced view, but the scratch builders seem to have more fun flying their planes than the ARF flyers/rebuilders. I certainly agree that they use all the same "building" techniques that scratch builders use, and think that it may be more challenging in some ways; just too much money for my finances! (Just think how many motors/servos/esc/rx's the price of a single ARF will buy!)
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