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Although I think that tape is easier to use, I've found Monokote and other coverings are fairly easy to use on wings if I do the following.

- Cover the ailerons off the plane and then tape them on. Man does tape stick to that covering!
- Cover the wing in four sections. right and left for both the top and bottom. I've tried covering the whole wing and also in more than 4 pieces and 4 works best for me. You can remove covering or just add trim on top and again it sticks to itself like crazy.
- I've covered wings using spray 77 and not using it and with EPP it doesn't seem to matter much (using shrink covering). On the Zagi's I've built which where mostly EPS (hard stuff) the Monokote sticks either way. On the EPP the covering gets loose (again probably me) no matter what I do so you do need to re-iron it occasionally.
- As mentioned by others don't melt the foam. It will reharden but not in the original shape. As a rule I try to get the covering pretty tight before applying heat and then use the minimum heat to get it tight. I use the Hobbico heat iron with a covering iron sock on it and it works great. I have also used a heat gun on foam but be careful.

- Bill
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