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Originally Posted by aracer View Post
I must be missing something here - the 6 channel rxs I can find are significantly more (ie twice as much) than $23 for the Orange rx/satellite combo, let alone $8 for a single rx for a parkflier. The tx is also significantly more expensive (more than twice as much here in the UK from a quick check). Sure I'd love to have FHSS and an 8 channel radio, but it's not really competing with a DX6i and Orange receivers is it?

I'll chime in. My friend Barak and I discuss this freqently.

He maintains that a good Tx and Rx are something you can grow into as you progress with the hobby. He is actually right that money up front tends to save you in the long run. Not to mention quality.

The problem for me is the "spousal unit". I spent around 2.5k this year to get where I am at on the 450 through all kinds of iterations of birds to include coaxials.

Enjoy my evolution here!

My whole mission is to get my hooves in the door and then sell my goodies and move up that way.

Stayin' under the Princess' radar.

Sure it's a waste of money but it really isn't the destination is it?

It's the journey, and slipping stuff past the wifey!


Edit: (This is the disclaimer I secretly want to put as my tag line on all my posts for all those "recreational arguers") My opinions are my own and don't necessarily reflect those of the entire phreakin' universe! Further, what may work for me MAY not work for someone else and I don't intend/imply to impose my brand of doing things on someone else!
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