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Postman showed up with my beat up sky surfer box this morning! I ordered last Sunday night, Monday morning in China, and got it the following Saturday. That little light weight box took a pounding, you know how they stack that stuff up. Everything made it just fine. Last pic shows the inside of V2 SS. Looks stronger to me just having the thicker inside instead of hollow.

After all the problems I had with my 1st sky surfer, I look forward to having some fun with this one. I took a picture of my old fuse. What I was trying to capture was the tail does not follow the center of the plane. It is "bent" is how I would describe it. (Pic 2) I hope to be able to salvage this as I don't feel it is dead yet. I did strip the parts to put in the BEVRC, but not sure what to do with the motor.

After burning up my brushed ESC and not being able to find a local replacement, simultaneously waiting from BH for the replacement, I had the 2 BL ESC's BH sent me. (Pic 3) My local hobby guy said to use one and just buy a motor. So now I have this E-flite motor and not sure if I should modify and mount it on the new SS or just use the supplied BL motor. I have a pic of the mount I made for the E-flite motor. (Pic 1) I would have to make another from scratch for the new fuse, Gorilla glue holds! This motor is only 1200kv which I didn't even know what it meant, but now see most of you guys use +/- 2000kv and I also had to buy a bigger battery since the brushed SS comes with a 7.4. With the new 11.1 2100mah 20c battery and motor combo, the plane flew great, but was already so damaged it was going in circles.

So to recap

BEVRC 6 days China to California

stock motor? or the E-flite

My other question will have to refer to the pics. I have 2 ESC's from BH. I was using the one that plugged right into my motor (yellow), but the new motor had different plugs and not sure if I should just cut them off and solder everything together since I will need to add length to the ESC and / or motor wires to reach? The ESC without plugs on it has considerably shorter wires. Is there a standard length based on current or something? Voltage loss? Now I have just enough knowledge to get me in trouble.

I still need some input on how to set up my V2 SS. I have 2 BL ESC's I can use. the yellow one has plenty long wires, but a different plug than the stock motor I received with V2. I can cut the plugs and solder them together and make it work. Or the blue one has short wires with no plugs, and I can extend them and solder everything without plugs.
My other option is going exactly like I did on V1 with the yellow ESC plugging right into my E-flite motor. I hate to modify this SS like the first to make the motor work. I apparently bought the wrong style motor, but was sick of waiting for BH to send a replacement brushed ESC and couldn't find one at the local store. They then sold me this motor. If the stock motor works good, I just want to finally get some flying time on this one.
My concerns are that if I use the blue one, the yellow one and my motor are ready to go into something new I can buy. ( I know I'm gonna love this once I have a few good flights) But, with the blue one having short wires, I don't know if there is a "standard" length? I remember reading somewhere not to cut motor wires, to de-solder them because the length was critical.

Any input is appreciated
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