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Default on a 4-sites AR6400L is reverse ailerons. All other AR6400's default with the plugs channel 2 and channel 6.

The manual is simple to understand. The people that answer questions on RCG refer to it often. What you have typed is confusing and wrong.

Originally Posted by BeyondParallax View Post
Settle down guys, here's how it works.

default is that both external servo plugs will operate off the aileron channel on the dx6i, one in normal, one in reverse. If you switch the brick into dual aileron mode, one servo will be linked to the aileron channel and the other to the flap channel. this also disables the reversing between the two plugs.
To do a dual aileron setup on the AR6400, you need to switch the brick into the dual aileron mode, then set your transmitter to dual aileron also. then use your channel reversing in the transmitter to get them moving in the right directions. This is a good system, because you could also set the transmitter to flaperon and it would handle the mixing necessary in the transmitter without having to play with the brick settings beyond switching into dual aileron. Once in the dual aileron config, you can also set the flap switch to move both ailerons down a specified amount to effect a flap setup while preserving their aileron function. This is a great system, but the manual is a little vague on all the settings required to effect these different configs. The manual is very good, however, at showing how to make the parameter changes in the brick (powering it on with the right stick of the transmitter pointing in different directections).

Hope this clears up any confusion!
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