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Originally Posted by 2500GENE View Post
I'll give you $13.27 for it
Check this place out for stuff. Good prices, 2 buck shipping and you will have it in 3-4 days.

Thes servos cost a bit more but are less susceptible to stray RF noise. (less chance of chatter)

Some don't care for this servo. I have a few and they work fine for me.

Considering your servos are internal and you need to split the fuse to access them you may want to consider metal gear servos. This way the chance of stripping a gear is almost impossible especially if you like to land hard and fast like aj. I have 2 of these in one of my EZs though noise suppression isn't that great, comparable to the SG90.

Stay away from the SG90E for 3.95. They are probably worse quality then you have now.

Your fuse is probaly held together with double sided tape. I don't have the new RTF version but it's common with China planes. You can slice the seam with a sharp exacto knife to gain access.

ps, I have a few y cables laying around and if you want leave me a pm and I'll shoot one out to you if you'd like to try that first.

Your $13.27 was timed a couple of days too late or we may have had a deal!

Special thanks to you for your offer to send me a "y" cable-(turns out I don't need a new one-just needed to learn how to put a rectangular peg in a rectangular hole I think)

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