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Thanks for the support VooDuuChild!


I flew two Protos 500 packs and 1 Mini Titan pack. I need to put the titan on the bench and check swash level. It's pulling back/left. I can fly it out just fine though. Tail geometry needs work. I think I need to go in one hole on the tail servo horn and re-adjust gain.

Protos v-bar is just amazing. I scooted the Protos in all upright hover orientations around me and practiced consistent figure 8s.

I'm looking for no altitude lost, total control throughout the entire circuit. Doing these have taught me that when the heli is to my right left turns are weak for me. I need to work on left hand circuits.

It feels sluggish. I forgot v-bar has it's own sort of expo. I put the Protos on the software last night and upped cyclic agility and took my expo on ail/elev from 30% to 15%. I'll likely have to adjust..but the things sluggish.

My LAHeli Ricco arrived today. If you're not familiar it's a Czech made micro that's low weight, light disc loaded. High quality part, TT tail, just EXCELLENT craftsmanship. It's a builder's heli - but looks well worth the effort. I've had E-Sky micros, thought about a trex 250, have a blade SR I despise. This is exactly what I want for the winter. Good for indoors/small space outdoors. Long flight times, no need to purchase upgrades - it flies perfect out of the box I hear.

Pete@ElektroRC and distribute these. high price for the kit ($200 for the kit with blades SE, -$20 for the standard kit) but for me - I've been searching for this for years.

On the sim I have inverted nose in orientation nearly down. I have 6.1 sim hours and over 1 hour of real stick time now since 11/1/2010.
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