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Warning Beeps - A9 & Spectra Module - Interpret & Manage Independent Alarms

Originally Posted by Full Spool View Post
I purchased an A9 off of a member on here and I am having slight problems with it.
I binded the radio according to the instructions and everything works like it's suppose too.
I have control of the air craft, etc. My problem is the transmitter continues to beat 4 times in a row
pauses then beats again. It will not stop and its driving me crazy while I'll try to trouble shoot!
I've tried 2 different receivers with the same results.
Setup: lipo in the transmitter Lipo 3s in the plane with a regulator stepping it down to 4.8v.
Maybe it is thinking the voltage is too low and throwing off a warning,
but I turn off the voltage warning alarm and it still beats.
If anyone has any suggestions please help!~ Thanks Spool
Were both the Aurora and Spectra 2.4Ghz Module upgraded to latest version
and voltages set in both the transmitter and the module? :
Aurora A9 - Firmware Update V1.07(1) & HPP-22 V1.04 - 01Oct10.
(refer PDF update enhancements which include
. Touch Beep Sound On/Off Function: You can turn on and off touch screen
button sound.
. Warning Selection at Start up Function: Now you can choose to turn on or
off for two conditions of startup warnings (Abnormal Throttle and Flight Condition)
. Set Failsafe via HPP-22
. Low Battery Warnings - Recommended Minimum settings for Aurora 9 TX & Spectra 2.4GHz Module
- which are both set independently.

Are the LED flashing on module or RX:
LED Status Card - What the colours/combinations are indicating.
. Digital .pdf copy which can be printed and inserted as a page in manual or extra cards made.

. Suggest re-link: - refer
AFHSS - ID-Setup A.K.A, binding or linking & Range Testing Spectra 2.4GHz Module <> Optima Receiver
as attached page 18 indicates Link not completed properly or possibly a faulty battery connection.

Aurora - Other Warning Beeps:

Timer - Beeps every one minute and then once every second at the 20 second to go mark and then twice every second for the last 10 seconds.
NB: If two timers set, say one up and one down linked to throttle, when started together they will beep in unison. However, if one is reset without tunring TX On/Off user will hear separate beeps from each timer which may be only one < fifty nine seconds apart - care against misunderstanding the resulting "double beep or quadruple beep".

Sliders - The two sliders also have a beep at the center so if you bump them from time to time you may hear a random beep.

Battery Low Voltage Alarm
1. Voltage alarm may or may not sound on Aurora when RX/Power battery is disconnected.
This is because the telemetry cycles about 3 times/second. Sometimes when you are unplugging
the battery, it will sense the voltage drop and the warning will kick in, but sometimes it won't
because once you unplug the battery there is no signal going back to the TX.
This alarm is "hit and miss" due to the way the system works.

2. Check LBW set on both the TX and Module.
. Aurora Internal Alarm for Low Transceiver Battery power = beep, continous rapid.
(When a model has been programmed with say a 3S battery 9.9v LBW setting and a 2S even fully charged at 8.4v is to be used,
alarm would be tripped. Thus LBW setting for that model must also be changed)
. Spectra Module Low Transceiver Battery warning provides triple beep = beep beep beep pause beep beep beep pause.
(When using SPC from EP power battery and module has been programmed with say a 3S battery 9.9v LBW setting and a 2S even fully charged at 8.4v is to be used, alarm would be tripped. Thus LBW setting for that model must also be changed via HPP-22)

3. Aurora & Optic Sport TX - Low Transmitter Battery Alarms:
Aurora - The alarm is fixed at 6.9v no matter what type of battery you use which still gives you plenty of time to land after it goes off.
[Aurora low TX battery alarm - beep beep= 1 sec pause= 1 sec beep beep= 1 sec pause = 1 sec etc
-beware of strange beeps if timer starts at same time intermingling single & double beeps]

FYI: When using Lipo in Aurora, user can set the cut off voltage in the power menu from 6.0 - 6.6v
but be aware this is the safety cut off and your radio will turn off at that voltage to prevent the Lipo from being discharging too low.
Also... NEVER try to charge it (lipo) in the radio - Mike".
Refer manual page 62 for setting Lipo cut off from 6.0v< 6.6v.

Optic Sport - Caution - The TX low battery alarm is fixed at 6.6v for NiMH.
Be aware that if using Lipo in an Optic Sport, land without delay as very little time remains.

Range Out Warning : Nil.
A few early units were released which did emit a Long Beep near end of power down range check.
This is not a problem but do not use an accurate range check tool, refer:
Hitec AFHSS "Range Out Warning" Does Not Apply..

Unexplained problems with Computerised Transmitters?
. Make sure battery is fully charged when programming.
. If Low Battery Warning sounds when flying - perform full range check, testing all mixes and trims before next flight.
This because a low battery frequently does not have the capacity to flash the trim and other adjustments to memory since TX was last turned on. Programming and other trim adjustments are only saved at time or after transmitter is turned off.
NB: Like USB devices pulled out to quickly, If TX is turned off/on again to quickly, previous adjustments may not have been fully saved.

. ==================================================
Scan mode - difference between a brownout power loss vs. a complete loss .
If the systems browns out (drops below 3.5v for an instant) you will lose the connection but as soon as the voltage goes back above this you will regain control.
......................This situation is completely avoidable.......................
By monitoring the "Min" battery reading after moving all control surfaces quickly will tell you how well your battery is performing and if you are at risk.
If you lose power to zero for less than 1 second then the connection will be regained as well, it is only if you lose power for more than 1 second in Scan mode that you have to recycle power.

much more at:
Aurora A9, Spectra Pro & Optima - FAQ & Undocumented Features - Mixes, Setups, Tips. {Individual Links often updated}

Alan T.
Alan's Hobby, Model & RC FAQ Web Links
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