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The KFM3 on the BB had full length taped hinges with the V on the bottom. See photo below. I needed to add some rudder for co-ordinated turns. Bank and yank works, but not as pretty and resulted in the upward pitch/ballooning sometimes. Roll performance on the other hand was good... no problem pulling barrel rolls so long as you had some airspeed.

The KFM2 on the BC12D has simple 'CA style' hinges... about every 3-4" and the hinge V is on both sides. They are not taped. The wingspan is a lot longer (48"), only 1/2" dihedral at each tip (1.3 deg). The ailerons however are much smaller and the plane does not have the authority for rolls. It'll come up on knife edge, but refuses to roll over easily.

It's really hard to compare these 2 planes and the differences of KFM2 vs 3. They are so different in design, size, etc.

Another thing that maybe points to an issue with the BB33...

Just before I retired the plane, I was having issues with pitchiness... just like you would get with a tail heavy plane. But nothing changed, and the plane flew better when new. I wonder if there was underlying damage that I couldn't see... it was completely covered with colored packing tape after all.
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