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Hi Jack,

Glad to see you had some success with the KFM3 wing.

I didn't have much luck with my KFM3 wing, but I notice some differences that may have accounted for it:

1) The BB33 KFM3 wing has ailerons placed much closer to the 75% step.

2) I had approx 3 deg dihedral.

Basically what would happen is the plane would tend to pitch up when banking. Possibly stalling the wing and ailerons. The end result was mushy response and I would have to bring the nose down, then try again. The CG and incidence were spot on so I could never explain the phenomenon.

I notice my BC12D Taylorcraft with a near flat KFM2 aileron wing is much more well behaved. Nice turns are a snap with this wing and only a touch of rudder is needed for a nice co-ordinated turn.

Thanks for the insight. Perhaps I will try another KFM3 winged BB in the future!
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