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Originally Posted by Lantsov Alexey View Post
Michael, Carbon plane does not crash ever.
Carbon takes all the blows without injury.
Such aircraft best for learning.
Glad to hear it!

Thanks for pointing me to Post #6 for the joint details. When I looked closer at the one close-up photo, I could see the wrapping thread.

I'm surprised that this works for you with CA. My attempts of repairing Vapor landing gear where it meets the fuselage tube and for repairing the motor/gearbox mounts has not worked out well for me with CA. I think the CA somehow stiffens the thread so much that it breaks on impact. Actually, my first attempts were using carbon TOW. Later I tried cotton sewing thread with similar disappointing results. Perhaps I used the wrong CA or something. I eventually settled on using 30 minute epoxy over sewing thread. That's strong, and more foregiving. Probably heavier, too.

Anyway, thanks for sharing all you have on this technique, your plane design, and the terrific videos.

My real interest is in something small and extremely light and slow-flying, like a Vapor, but with ailerons. Not sure how I'll proceed on that. I don't really care about fuselage side area for knife edge flight.

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