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I'm new around here (my second heli ((4ch fp)) is in the mail right now with a DX6i) and I think this has been an absolutely brilliant read, that is until the catastrophe. Bummer bro, that's rough.

This thread is something every newbie either getting into the hobby, or moving up from coax's should read; especially if they're contemplating the big issue in the sport....fp or cp progression. It also helps that you're quite thorough and not afraid to call yourself on your own shortcomings and post them in detail, like rushing due to, as Cartman would say, "a rack of dissaprin", hehehe. It also helps to show just how many parts are thrashed in the process of learning, rushing and crashing a cp.

Kudos to you my friend and I'll follow this thread to the end....that is if I can get the dang go advanced reply button to work....arrrrrrrg. Keep up the good work!

Edit: woohoo, go advanced reply button works from the edit page. Totally subscribed.
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