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Originally Posted by ajbaker View Post
I totally understand your perspective. We have all been there. You will get through it. I promise. We are all here to help.
Having said that, I suspect that your aileron (ch 1 on your plane-I think) is in plugged in backwards in the receiver. Here is what I suggest. Put the aileron plug (now in channel 1) and move it to channel 4 (you said the rudder worked). Make sure all the plugs have the same colors and directions as the other plugs that work. Turn on the system (obvious). Do the ailerons work now? If not, then you might have the aileron servos plugged in backwards into the "Y" connector that they gave you with the plane. Check those things out and let me know what happens. You are very close to having it ready to fly, I can feel it already. There is nothing wrong with the radio or the receiver (probably). It is just a matter of getting the cabling sorted out. BTW-If you get any of the plugs in backwards, do not worry. You cannot burn anything up. The whole R/C radio is designed that way. Oh, another thing on binding. If ANYTHING works, then your binding procedure has been done correctly. It is a totally on/off thing - either all of it works or NONE of the system works. I hope all this helps. Let us know.

Ok, I unplugged all 4 connectors from the receiver, then plugged the y-cable connector into channel 4. Ailerons still don't work and the Tx doesnt beep at all either.

What do you mean by plugging in the aileron sevos "backward"? (I assumed that the brown wires on both ends of the connector should align)


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