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This section is for answers to questions asked and will be updated frequently.

Q: Will you build one for me?

A: No. But I will sell you all of the parts to make one and give you plenty of support to build it. Between my full time job as an electrical engineer, building my custom antennas, and R&D work, I have almost no time. I have even been cutting sleeping out of my schedule.

Q: Is this difficult to build?
A: Define difficult. If you have some soldering skills and can interpret an electrical schematic, then I would think you would have no problem building one.

Q: How long does it take to build?
A: It depends on your skills. I built and tested mine in just a couple of evenings. If you are an adequate solderer and are good with wood working, you can build this in 4-6 hours.

Q: Why do you use a gain controller on the buffer rather than a simple shorted buffer?
A: The main reason is to desensitize the RSSI delay and limit the oscillation. However a straight buffer (replacing the 4 resistors with a shorted wire) would work great as well.

Q: Is the delay timer really necessary?
A: Not really, but it's a nice option. The servo will be under constant stress most likely higher than it was designed. The delay timer helps limit the servo wear and also extends battery life.

Q: Is the RSSI buffer necessary?
A: In a perfect World, no, but in the real World, yes.

Q: My tracker spins all the way around and never seems to get a lock
A: Chances are your RSSI wires are reversed, try swapping them. If that doesn't work, check your RSSI buffer circuit to be sure the voltage isn't above 9V.

Q: I am having trouble getting the tracker to center, what should I do?
A: If you are not having much luck, try moving outside to an open environment. You can also maneuver your directing antennas some or just simply turn your video antenna to compensate.

Q: My tracker works great at some ranges, but others it gets off center.
A: I had this problem when using the standard modules. When I switched to Comtech modules, the problem was solved. It appears most modules do not maintain equal scaling, but the Comtech does.

Q: Are you MacGyver?
A: Nope. I have no mullet and have only been on TV once when I was 9 years old. I was on the news because the police had shut down my brother's and my lemonade stand due to lack of a permit!
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