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Building the tracker Building the turn table

The next thing you need to do is build a turn table. I made mine from a sheet of plywood and a few 1X2s. My frame measures 24X24. I marked and drilled a hole in the very center to fit a bolt through. I also made an identical lower frame for the tracker to spin on.

Now you need to add the wheels. I used a 3 wheel design to keep all wheels in contact at all times. 4 wheels is easier to rotate, but you will need to be sure all of the wheel lie in the same plane. Note the orientation of the wheels. The axles point directly toward the center hole. This allows the turntable to spin.

Secure your servo with the drive wheel to the base. Now take a tight fitting bolt and run it through the center hole so that it sticks out the bottom below your wheels. Now place the turn table on top of the lower frame passing the bolt through the center of the lower frame.
Now you need to mount your antennas. I made a stand with Velcro. You will want to face your tracking antennas between 60 and 110 degrees apart. Mine are 90 degrees. You will want to put these out of the way of your RX video antenna. I placed my video RX antenna in the front of the tracker and the tracking antennas in the rear.
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