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Building the tracker - Modifying the drive servo

The next thing you must do is hack a servo. luckily, this isn't hard. I recommend a standard size sail or winch servo, but standard RC car servos work ok. The slower and stronger the servo, the better. Remove the back of the servo and locate the potentiometer. It is directly underneath the main drive spline of the servo. Remove the potentiometer from the servo. Solder a wire to the circuit board where the center pin of the servo was connected. Now reassemble your servo without the potentiometer. Your wire will now determine its position.

Now remove the final drive gear and cut out the stop tab. This will allow it to rotate 360 degrees. Reassemble the servo.

Finally, take a servo horn and screw an airplane wheel to it. I used a 2-1/2 wheel. In general, the smaller the wheel (that is bigger than the servo) is better. You will want a good hard wheel. Foam wheels are no good.
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