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thanks guys, so the jury's still out then, maybe until i can post a few shots of the finished airframe. The main aesthetic you would notice is the original RZ has a long thin look - like a wakefield open rubber model, whereas, my 'version' is much stockier as an overall impression.
I guess all our 'conventional' planes of the cabin design really have only a limited range of stretchable proportions you could morph one design into another with a few inches added or taken here and there, then a re-positioning of the whale shaped outline and presto, you've turned one vintage design into another.

Look at it another way............... the RZ fuse structure could be re-outlined into practically ANY existing cabin old timer, or indeed into a scratch built. The wings are about as 'Standard' construction as you can get - i.e. two main spars one rear spar, 30% leading edge top sheeting, and a thin TE sandwiching the rib ends. capstrips if you wish! (therefore not the same construction as the original RZ wings).

So, it could be said, with only slight tongue in cheek, that you are all just flying modified Red Zephyrs.......Lol.

Attached is a shot of my original and mini (1/2 size) RZ's the 'big 'un' will be slightly further modded. So, if i hadn't told you - what would you say these models are a design of????
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