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History, the heavily abridged version...

Once upon a time, when a handful of us in the Southwest wanted to have more hand launch events in our region, some email discussions got the whole thing going. It took a few years, and didn't really happen like this, but fiction sometimes tells the story better...

N: You think we can do two day events?
A, T, C: Why not? How many do you think might attend?

A: Dunno. 10 would be worth it. I'd come. What should we call it?

A: How about The 4 Corners Series?

C: What's that?

A: NM, CO, AZ, and UT all share a corner border.

N: But nobody flies DLG in Utah, least that I know.

T: And that doesn't fit with Texas in the series.

A: Right. Oh well. Let's see if we can think up a name.

And time passed, and Arizona put up the first contest, but it was a 1-day event. They thought maybe it would be better to grow interest slowly and steadily.

New Mexico and Texas got together and began the Blue Skies Hand Launch Glider Challenge. And flying was good. Arizona kept up a steady flow of events, first a couple times a year, then came their imfamous "Beat The Heat." Colorado had yet to happen, was waiting for something, actually a couple someones.

Texas had an interested group of around 10 hand launch pilots. But some "big" glider pilots decided that they didn't care if their TD event was scheduled over the top of the nascent Blue Skies over Texas. These guys didn't fly hand launch, and didn't mind if they could draw pilots away from the HL event by doing their own thing. And they did, a couple years in a row, and BSoTX became small, really fast. And the wonderful organizer, still an enthusiastic DLG pilot, threw in the towel. At least he could come to Blue Skies over New Mexico.

Then came the two J's in Denver. With a lot of great local support and a steady run of 1 day events, they decided that they were ready to add to the Blue Skies series. And Arizona was ready too, and the two-stop series became a three-stop, with two new events.

And all were happy. No one looked to the Northwest. There were a couple pilots there, and they came to hand launch events, including Blue Skies.

Then one day, a fellow says to NM, CO, and AZ: Hey, there are about 10 of us up here, and would you like to join us for a two day event? How about if we make it a Blue Skies event?

And unless I'm telling the future wrong, then this is how Blue Skies over Utah entered the happy fray. And the long-wished-for 4 Corners series is going to happen.

I guess the Utah guys need to fill in their part of the story. If anyone wants to perform hours of research, there are rich and full stories in each of these states, with many dedicated and wonderful pilots creating the fun we're all having now. Those pilots really know how Blue Skies came to be.

If there is a single sentence to cover this history, it might be: Wish for something, build it, get a lot of friends together and nurture it, and you might just see a dream come true.

Aradhana Singh Khalsa
Espanola, New Mexico
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