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Originally Posted by thehip21 View Post
Wow so much to read, sucks coming to the party so late. I love my "Baby" Mcx Tandem. The Colour scheme is exactly what the Canadian CG used for years, and is still using that same scheme. My buddy in the US refers to it as the Yellow Banana. Only problem i've had with it is, after a terrible tragic crash while trying to rescue firefighter bob from a raging forest fire, is it wants to crawl forward no amount of back trim corrects it. I can see that my rear rotor shaft is no aligned in flight to the front. It looks as though it is leaning right even with canopy off.

Outer main shaft is new, inner shaft is new, swash plate's are new, so i know its not any of these causing it. Someone mentioned there was info here on how to correct it said something about the frame but i can't seem to find info on this if anyone can point me in the right direction i would much appreciate it.

My Tandem must have a bad gyro or the gyro in these is a POS. For the first few flights it would sometimes start turning right which could not be corrected by trim. Unplugging the battery and plugging it back in would help. Now the nose is starting to bob up and down as the gyro speeds up and slows down the front rotors.

What I have noticed is that trim adjustments with this model are borderline useless. You just cannot trim it enough if it's not flying the way it should. For example, if if even has a slight turn right or left, it will require almost full trim to compensate.

After about 10 flights mine is getting almost unflyable. It flies in slow clockwise circles by itself half the time and there isn't anything i can do about it.

I think I'm going to request a warranty exchange from Horizon

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