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When does a loosely copied design become your own?????

Why do i ask, well, i kinda touched on this a while ago, but lets say you take a well known model design. increase the chord say 10%, then maybe shorten the moment by 20%, and while your at it chop a bit off the nose too. slightly re profile the tail feathers, give it a new airfoil section, leading edge slats,and a 'fatter' look by widening the fus 15%. Use many of your own pet construction features (wing fixing, spar layout, tail structure etc) and finally, for good measure make the whole thing 50% bigger. Now, it still kinda looks LIKE the original design, but everything is modified significantly - so, can you now call it your own design - or at least be justified in giving the changling a new name?????

How do you feel about that? cos thats what i have done to the Red Zephyr design and i don't know whether to feel embarassed with my butchery or smug and pleased that i've produced a new creation.

Question is, is it now MY design, needing a new name? or just a (heavily) modified Red Zephyr??????????? wrestling with my conscience here........

Oh, in case you're wondering whats NOT been touched, well I think the undercarriage is close to original spec - apart from the 50% increase and the windows are unchanged (though most folks do em differently anyhow).
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