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Originally Posted by 13brv3 View Post
We've had this conversation a number of times, and nothing changes in the course of the thread. I actually prefer that it stay a discussion thread like it is, because it's much easier to search.

I would probably vote to make this thread for MK only, and remove the UAVP, and general quad references from the subject. There's a whole forum for general multi-rotor info now, and UAVP/X has it's own thread of course.

Let me make a prediction here: You may dedicate the thread to the MK, but you will find that after not too long it will go the way of all the others. That is, it will resemble a dogs breakfast as far as organisation of information goes.
I do not mean this in any derogatory sense, it's just the nature of the beast.
To understand why this happens we need to first agree on the reason why the thread exists. Is it because we want to provide a ready source of reference & how-to info for new builders (prospective owners of MKs), or do we want to have a social hub for experienced MK owners to exchange views and opinions. Because IMHO you cannot have both. Unfortunately the MK wiki is not adequate as a reference source for the rank beginner but then again I would argue that if you have never built anything, the MK is not the place to start but again that is IMHO.
Why can't you have both? In my view this model (information exchange framework) is good for random exchanges between individuals but not good as an ordered source of ready reference on all the topics that go to make up a successful build - so you disenfranchise the newbies. Some people have tried to cater for this by setting up build logs on the first page....but this requires sustained attention and maintenance - two casualties of a random post system designed for ad-hoc exchanges.
Not going to get into the full analysis of this style of medium and it's benefits/shortcomings in this style of application here - The essence of my argument is that you are attempting to solve multiple problems with a tool that can provide only one solution. Admirable, but futile.

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