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Final Assembly:

Ok.. Last few steps here and we’re done!

#1: Take a drill or pointed round file and create a small hole (no larger than 3/16” diameter) through the center of the black foam rubber disk and raised bottom shell molding. You should be able to find a molded dimple on the bottom to guide you. Either way, try to keep it in the center. Take your assembled camera ball with elastic tension cord installed and feed it through the hole.

#2: Pull the cord through the hole and slip a short section of the plastic tube supplied with your EyePod kit. Pull the cord tight and glue the plastic tube onto the cord and against the plastic outer shell. It’s important to keep the cord tight as this is what provides the friction between the camera ball, the foam sheet turret ring and the black foam rubber friction pad. This friction is what overcomes any vibration in your aircraft that might disturb the camera position or transmit vibrations to the camera.

#3: Trim the tension cord and plastic tube so that it is flush (or just below) the outer surface of the bottom shell.

#4: This shows the “typical” holes used to install the rubber band mounting retainer dowel in your EyePod frame. In this photo, we see the side mounted dowels for parallel rubber band mounting typically used for mounting your EyePod on a wing.

#5: This photo show tow ways of mounting the rubber band retainer dowel on to your EyePod… the one on the right is what has been shown through out this build… The one on your left is designed more for fuselage mounting where the rubber bands are parallel with the shorter ends of your EyePod mount.

The dowels (also provided with you EyePod kit), can be glued in place using regular gap filling CA.

That's it!

You're done!

Don't know if it could be any simpler than that!

Would love feedback on the build including questions, comments, suggestions...


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