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Dry fitting the inner structure:

As we continue, we get nearer to completion! Your EyePod kit is complete and includes a special piece of black foam friction rubber. THis is where this phase of our build begins:

#1:Use scissors to cut out a 3/4 to 7/8 diameter disk from the black foam rubber sheet included in your EyePod kit.

#2: Use gap filling CA to glue the foam rubber disk to the raised section in the middle of the EyePod Base shell.

#3: Set the top shell of your EyePod into place (DO NOT GLUE YET!) and drop the camera ball turret in place. Use the ball to line up the loose inner structure so that the ball does not touch the outer shell. Once achieved, keep the inner structure in place by holding the ball down and gently slide off the outer shell.

#4: Glue the inner structure in place being careful not to let it slip out of place. (A trimmed but unassembled turret ball shell half is being used here, but the assembled ball can be used as well.)

Once you have securely glued the inner structure in place, you may glue the outer top shell into the bottom shell as shown in photo #2.

In photo #2, you will also notice that the two wood dowels (supplied in your EyePod kit), have been installed. To do so, use a drill or a pointed round file to create the holes to allow the dowels to fit in as desired. In this case, the dowels have been installed so that the #64 rubber bands used to mount the EyePod camera mount are parallel with the mount and set up for wing mounting or mounting on a flat fuselage section that is narrower than the EyePod is wide. The next post will include a photo of both methods side-by-side.
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