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Trimming and prepping the Turret Ball

Not sure how long I'm going to last here... it's been a LOOOOONG day!

The build has been completed, all photos have been taken, touched up, trimmed and most of the writing has been completed... I'm spending a lot of time re-reading and editing as I post... (Just decided this is the last post for tonight... at least of the build... I may cme back to see if any of you have any reactions to the build so far... I know I get pretty specific, but "Details" is my middle name! lol!

Each of the EyePod styles use the same specially designed camera turret ball so this section on the turret ball will be part of all future EyePod builds.

Hopefully these photos are self-explanatory:

#1: Use a pair of scissors to trim the flange around each ball half to within 1/16” of the ball’s edge.

#2 & #3: Use your previously built trim tool to trim the flange… Hold the shell firmly to the flat table surface and pass the blade backwards and gently as many times as needed. Reference the video in the previous post as a reminder… Use your trim tool a LOT SLOWER than I did!!!!

Per #4: This is what your ball shells should look like notice the scrap in the background with the circle drawn on it… We will need one corner from your trimmings so try and make it as big as possible.

#5: If needed go ahead and gently sand the trimmed ball edges on a flat hard sanding board… Do so only to clean the edges! Do not sand a significant amount of plastic away.

You’ll also notice that both ball shells have lines molded into them… do not cut or trim these at this time yet… We’ll get to them later!
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