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How to use the trim tool:

Contrary to what most people think when they see this tool and think: "Ah ha! I get it!", we actually DO NOT CUT with this tool!

We "score" the plastic with it...

We use the BACK SIDE OF THE BLADE... running it GENTLY across the plastic several times...

The back of the blade has a straight cut that is also very sharp (if you've ever pressed on the back side of an Xacto blade you unfortunately now know this all too well... We use this sharp back side of the blade to "plow" a microscopic trough/groove into the plastic... When the plastic is then bent back and forth a couple of times on this groove like a hinge, the plastic snaps off in a clean break! Very little sanding is needed if at all...

The video here shows the DaVinci 1.5 Meter canopy being trimmed... I don't suggest you go as fast as I do in the video! All I m doing is holding the plastic part firmly down on the table and then GENTLY, and LIGHTLY passing the blade BACKWARDS across the area I want to score...

NOTE: The plastic used in the DaVinci kit is much thicker than the plastic used in the EyePod. It will be even easier!

Trimming DaVinci part with trim tool (1 min 14 sec)

Ok, next post we will actually begin building...

Did I tell you I really like these guys?

At this point of exhaustion, it's the little things... Like taking a break here... Tresa just walked in the door and I'd love to spend a little time with her... Truly my best friend!

I'll be back though! photos are all done and in order... I jsut have to write the words...

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