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Here's the first draft design of my smoke system. Should work out ok. I plan to wrap the oil tube around the cylinder head once before entering the muffler canister. I'm working on an "improved" design of what I saw in a recent FLY RC article about a DIY smoke system/muffler. In the article the author crimped the end of the smoke tube and tapped it with an abrassive wheel on a dremel tool to create a small opening which will atomize the smoke oil. I did basically the same thing, except I flattened the end of the tube and cut a slot deep enough to open a small pin hole in the tubing. The idea is that it will atomize the oil much like the FLY RC design but the two fingers should retain additional heat which should help vaporize the oil. Worst case senario, the fingers dont do anything and I just get the same function as the design I'm trying to improve....
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