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Originally Posted by KABAL99 View Post

here is the new HK 450 thread (last page of the old one was :

Originally Posted by pastorJohn View Post
Sticky request:
On the first thread I followed for the E-sky Honey Bee King V2, the first post for the thread was a set of basic info such as settings linkage lengths, and (some) radio settings. It was designed to let a newb have a chance to get set up without having to search the thread for the info. It also had links to some of Finless Bob's videos, and other setup tutorials and info. Would there be any interest in starting such a posting here?

I am not trying to create work for someone else, just asking at this point. If needed, I would be willing to edit in information if it was sent to me. You guys seem to know the HK 450 very well, and we could all benefit from the expertise in this way.

The other option is to keep this a discussion only, Q&A only thread.


Happy flying. John

Addendum: Would appreciate having a section that clarifies differences between models such as the MT, PRO, V2, or other configs with specific differences from the basic model. A cress reference to Align parts or to parts by dimension would help. Too ambitious?
I'll subscribe to your "church". I'll be in the "choir" and stand behind you singing your "song", because I think you have a great "sermon".

In my opinion, the "word(s)" should be easy for all lost "souls" to find (front page - first post?) by themselves.

Who is KABAL99? Is he a regular? Will he volunteer the extra effort to update the front page - first post, and be our Saviour in time of need? Will he be here for the long haul, come judgement day?

I think the best choice, is whoever has the wisdom and strength to keep up maintining the first post, should start the new thread, and the "sheep" will follow.

I'm just a lamb in the wilderness, and am looking for the Shepard to guide myself to safety.
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