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Originally Posted by knuckles904 View Post
... Are you using the wireless capability for anything? Do you know if the target boards are compatible with the chronos programmable wireless watch dev kits? ...
Hi Knuckles

Thanks for looking at the project and codes

I'm really glad to see someone knowing the chip and the development platform.

No I'm not using the wireless portion at this time. But I reserve the wireless potion for several possibilities in mind:

1. Using it as a receiver so that I can eliminate the 8g receiver (the weight of the 2500T board is only around 3g). This should be beneficial for smaller & lighter quad/tricopter.

2. Using it for some remote loggings and settings. Currently I can plug a bluetooth dongle and can do some live monitoring and settings from a near by laptop while the quad is flying.

Yes, the Chronos watch programming dongle works with this set up. The programming dongle in this photo is the one from the Chronos kit. If you already have the Chronos, you just need to buy the ez430-2500T board alone for $20.

I've thought about using the accelerometer and the air pressure sensor in the Chronos watch for a full blown quad so that it can auto level and keep its altitude. I've also thought about using the Chronos as a TX (in which case I have to change the controller board to a 915Mhz instead of 2.4Ghz one) and controlling the quad by tilting the watch and its button. Yeah more works needed.


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