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Oh Don,

There's always hope for the rest of us! lol!

I can't tell you how many ideas I've had, some of them started but most never followed through on...

I must admit (I have a few friends who are also artists, inventors, entrepreneurs), the number one barrier is fear... fear of failure, fear of success, fear of rejection... Most of these close friends (if not all), read books like Jack Canfield's "The Success Principles"... Movies like "What the Bleep Do We Know", The Secret, Wayne Dyer's "Power of Intention"... I'm now reading Steven Scheussler's "It's a Jungle Out There" (a gift from one of my friend/heroes... founder and president of "The Headblade Company"...

There are many times I look at myself and go... what the heck am I doing?!?!?! This could be when I let go of my dream and think I am probably doing this all wrong... maybe I should just look into that "Truck Driving School" ("Top Gun" quote)... Other times, especially here in this thread... when I receive responses like yours and others... I can not even begin to tell you or explain the kind of energy I receive by even just a few people looking at what I am up to and share that they like it...

At only $9.95 each, I'm not going to make a fortune on this project at all (even though I have a TON of orders! The first 50 went really quick! (I didn't share this because I chose to "risk" and ordered more boxes (the only item I was low on) and those should come in before the molds are ready in about two weeks).... The real "PaybackK, is not the money... its the human connection and responses like yours and others that fuel my fire to keep going, to continue risking...

RISK! That's a big one! When you mention the "better mouse trap... and why did'nt I think of that? We think of these things all the time! We just don't "risk" chasing after them... When I first came up with this idea, I thought this was just going to go nowhere and it sat on a shelf collecting dust... later, I shaped a set of plugs (you'll notice that they are in hardwood... usually I use RenShape that costs about $500 for a 2" x 18" x 60" piece... the material I normally use to create my client prototypes (I share that so you know how little faith I had in this idea...) So I make the first one and think... well, that's interesting... and I use it and others se it and go wow! That's interesting... and then I star looking at all the people using this little camera and all the masking tape, duct tape, velcro, chewing gum, rubber band methods that they've tried to mount these cameras on their planes... Hmmm isn't THAT interesting!

And so I risked taking a few more steps and designed three more versions (There's a helicopter mount I haven't shared yet... (need to complete the photo-shoot) and then I had these things and thought... Hmmm isn't that interesting! I wonder if anyone else might think these are interesting too?

And here I am... The psychology behind this entire process is truly an interesting thing to explore... If you've seen the two part interview by Local's Guide magazine, I share how I got into motion picture special effects... the fear is strong though and it keeps wanting to re-surface... I spend a LOT of my time volunteering with kids, teens mostly... Teen Mentoring, speaking in classrooms... my main message is my story in that interview... in sharing and teaching (as I am here in this post), what I am also doing is reminding myself to listen to my words and what I know... What I know is that no matter what our dreams may be... the only thing stopping us, is ourselves!

Tow favorite movies in this arena... "The Rookie" (WONDERFUL story about pursuing a dream and the fears and disbelief that they would ever come true... True story by the way!) Another favorite and also another true story: "The World's Fastest Indian" GREAT film! It shows what can be done when the word "no you can't" is ignored and unacceptable as an answer to our dream...

Yeah, I like to share this stuff... I never would have dreamed I would have accomplished what I have in my life... I also see the repeat in terms of my fears still present and wanting to take a hold of the steering wheel...

By sharing here in a thread like this, I invite you guys to sit in the back seat and cheer me on to fighting back and grabbing hold of the wheel and stepping on the gas...

In the most sincerest ways I can imagine...

Thank you all for your support... it is more important than you might imagine... If I can reflect through sharing like this... what is possible with your own lives and dreams, then we are all the better for it.



PS: woke up at 4am today compiling the photos of the build thread and listing those I want to add or change... I'll be shooting those today and hopefully will begin the actual build thread later this afternoon or early this evening... tons of photos and you'll get to see how simple this new "mousetrap" really is! lol!

again, my thanks to you all!

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