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What to do with it?

After looking at it for a while I have various options:

Don't build it:

Many people just collect these kits and don't build them, I don't collect kits but if it was pristine I might consider it. The value of them is increasing but that would not be a reason for me to not build it. This one is 'tatty' anyway to be fair.

Build it with modifications:

I've had a couple of tips from others so far, one is to move the hook from the plan position (it is way out) and the other is to add extra layers of glass cloth to the forward fuselage as it can break. Spoilers are suggested on the plan and I do have some nice Graupner ones, just a bit worried about the extra weight of these plus a servo.

Build it as designed:

I tend to go down this route, introducing hidden mods where possible. I would probably replace the two snakes with a carbon pushrod for the elevator and closed loop for the rudder. The thin fuselage would be ok with gentle landings (I can do them now!). Looking at the design features (no fuselage joiner structure, 1/16th ply root ribs and a 16 SWG tow hook sewn to an 1/8th ply plate) I am guessing that it was not intended to be winch launched with a lorry starter motor!!

I'm not going to rush, my last build (Chris Foss Hi-Phase) was done a little bit under self-induced pressure as it had to be ready for a nostalgia day, next spring would be nice for this fella.

Better write a list of new wood that I need!


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