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Originally Posted by whiskykid View Post
OK! back to the question at hand!

I did a bit more resaerch,on the 450sa,I found out it's the 450 sport v1,that has been assembled more,(so that means taking more of it apart ta check for thread lock)

it looks like the kit comes with everything but reciever and batt. BUT,1 guy seggests that you replace the head and tail unit with the exi metal replacement parts.

and then upgrade to kevlar belts,and the list goes on!

my first heli was a nightranger 3d,and from what I've read, if I can hover that thing I should be able ta fly most anything,(ok not anything)which I was able to do before the tail motor went south!

as I'm still a newb! I'm just looking 4 something cheap and reliable,that I can go from hover ta foward flight.

so would I be better off ordering ta hk450gt,and peicing the electrics together,are send the wifey down ta LHS to buy me the outdated 450sport v1 that just needs a radio!

sense booth my heli's I own are out dated,and i still can't really fly,my wife said if she is gonna buy me ANOTHER heli! that it can't be one that will be out dated befor I learn ta fly it,thats why I'm looking at the trex are trex clones,as it seems they'll be around for awhile!

thank you again! for your helpfull responses!

the KID!
Trex 450SA is all plastic, you will destroy the tail more than likely first crash, and the ball linkages tend to rip out of the main blade grips in a crash.

Replacement parts for it are EXPENSIVE. The pitch control arm for the tail (that will break most likely every crash) costs $5 alone and it's just a few grams of plastic! The blade grips that strip out almost every crash cost $15 if ordered in a crash repair kit.

I would buy an HK450MT before I'd ever think about a Trex 450SA. Unless it's been upgraded to CNC and is a really good deal there's just no way to justify the expense. Considering that you are relatively new to the hobby, stick with cheap helicopters that have cheap repair parts that are easy to find.
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