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Originally Posted by pastorJohn View Post
I was going to leave this one alone, but I do want to say something here. Please take this as coming from care and not anger ...

I am 45 years old. I have used computers in both recreational and professional capacities since about 1980. I am by all measures somewhat of an old fart already. I work comfortably in my capacity as a Pastor in English and French. I am very vaguely familiar with some Hebrew and Aramaic as a part of my studies. I am acquiring a working knowledge of koine Greek. I recognize some Spanish, and can recognize some Latin. I understand that language is fluid, and that there are both norms and conventions withing any language group. A breach of these norms can be uncomfortable to those who value the particular language in question. However, language can also change with the using and changes radically sometimes within the span of a century or less.

In short, I understand that language is both static and dynamic.

Further, I use texting with my wife and children to communicate on a rare occasion, and I can easily recognize the shorthand. These are not new to texting, as email used many of the same abbreviations. Sorry, abbrevs.

While I understand that for some, such abbreviations in the forum may be disturbing and difficult, that is not the case for all of us. I understood whiskykid's post, I just didn't have an answer for him. I was not bothered by what was written.

On the other hand, I was bothered by replies such as "you need a whacking" and suggesting that "grown ups" don't use such terms and grammar. I genuinely hope that they were an attempt at humour and not a showing of contempt. However, they did come across as quite harsh in light of the original post. I see what we might term "poor" grammar frequently even from quite educated individuals and have simply learned to see through it to the intended message.

Poor use of the Queen's English is hardly a measure of one's education or even one's intelligence. At least it is a better measure of one's attention to one's own education rather than the level completed. However, harsh reactions do tend to make it likely that a person who is not strong in such basic language skills will feel afraid to put a post in this forum. This bothers me because of the generally genial tone of this forum.

I have found that this forum is a safe place to ask my questions without fear of terse replies like RT*M or "why don't you SEARCH THE THREAD BEFORE POSTING?" I have greatly appreciated the patient help, and was surprised as such replies.

To whiskykid: Please do keep asking. I hope you will keep hanging around. I am a newbie here and overall I think that you will find it a good place to get very helpful info.

My apologies for the long post. Happy flying. John
Just want to point out something: not everyone reading this forum might text alot, or live in a country where english is normally spoken/written. Its bad to alienate "non-us" citizens, even though they are in majority.

On the other hand I would react the same way if my mother tongue was written in the same way.

It also not a big deal for me, really. I will just be less likely to interact with people writing posts like he is texting.
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