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"The Wizard of Oz"

You are so welcome John!

Funny that you would use that phrase as There are many times when I'm joking around... Especially when I make a mistake around here when I go into the lines from the movie:

"Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!"
" I am the Great and powerful OZ!"
"Oh... crap... oh well, guess that won't work anymore!" LOL!

Funny too because when I got into fine art, galleries wanted an "Artist's statement" they could post on the walls during showings... Pretty sure I have a copy I can post here, but I'm pretty sure I eluded to being somewhat like the "Wizard of OZ" with reference to the gallery viewers having known of my work before seeing my fine art in the gallery they were visiting, but just never knew "who was behind the curtain"...

When people find out what I do "behind the curtain" there has always been a mystique and wonder about what it's like... This is the place I offer school classes a field tour or I bring movie props and toy prototypes to their clasrooms and do presentations. Just completed a day long marathon at a high school for "career day"... The kids had a choice of which classrooms to visit based on the speaker (professional/profession) that was speaking that hour... by the end of the day, my classroom was standing room only... I remember CPA's, bankers, dentists coming to our career day when I was in highschool, but a toy maker? You could make a living making toys????

Of course, that's when I tell them that "Yes, you need math to do this, and English to write the proposals... and then I told them that I not only failed algebra and failed English, but that I also failed art and no matter what anyone tells you, it aint over until you choose to throw in the towel, until then... ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

Thanks for visiting! There will be more once I move some of these confidential items out of the way...

and the plane!

don't forget the plane!

It's Sunday morning 5am... not sure if that's the real 5am or do I change my clock to 4am or 6am... after 56 years, you would think that an intelligent person like me could figure this out! Probably goes hand in hand with my VCR/DVD player's clock still blinking: "12:00"... my remedy: a strip of black electrical tape! lol!

Take care,
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