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More movement: Sanding Camber & Washout plus partial studio tour!

Ok… I usually don’t sand in the studio, preferring to keep it clean… It’s where I do my clay sculpting, electrical wiring, plastic fabrication (other than vacuum forming), things like pouring silicone and urethane molds and parts…

But it’s getting cold outside and the Shop is too big to keep heated all the time! LOL!

SO here are some photos of the wing panels being sanded… only sanding the trailing edges for now… Next post we will complete the sanding. Note that I am using sanding boards Take a piece of Masonite and spray 3M-77 on a pre-cut piece of sand paper and apply it... Or you can go the easy route (and expensive! Ever notice how the "easy" solutions can also be the most expensive) and by automotive grade sandpaper on a sticky back roll... I use yellow 3-M brand... never looked back since! The sanding board/block will help create a true, straight surface... Worth the effort and you will use it in your future work as well.. either holding it and sanding with it, or laying it face up on a table and running your pieces over it... Nice, true, straight edges and bevels!

The Blue masking tape is to help guide our sanding and protect the foam that will not be sanded… After this straight beveling part is done, I’ll show you how to make a semi-flexible sanding pad to soften these bevel edges and produce a smooth flowing airfoil shape (really easy and pretty quick…) I went this route on my micro Ryan kit (just released over in the micro/indoor forum… I also added a curving of the foam sheet wing by rolling a heated pipe over the foam… For this project, we’re just going to leave the foam sheet wing panel straight and sand the shapes we want to create into the foam as well as adding the short under-camber strips at the leading edge to help create an airfoil similar to a bird or a DLG Glider… thin, nice round entry, sharp trailing edges, washout and lots of under camber…

As for the studio… lots of eye-candy everywhere… The vertical space ship standing upright on the floor is actually the original docking arm used in StarShip Troopers. It's filled with yards and yards of fiber optic lighting, flurescent lights that show through tiny window holes, Sequencing LED's and motorized docking arm pivot and extensions... you really have to see this one up close to believe the detail!. The green space helmet was used in the green screen special effect shot at the beginning of StarTrek IX (There's a red one in the living room along with the power ranger helmets a borge type headpiece and well the living room is where my large drafting table is and I guess I should share a couple of photos there too... you'll understand whey when youe see! lol! (It's the kid in me!)...

Back to the studio: There’s a superman body on the wall (I designed and built the RC flying Superman for Mattel a few years ago.) RC car bodies, tools, lots of lights and lots of spare parts everywhere…. There’s still more, but I need to move a few items out of view before I shoot any photos (second client project)…

Oh… and music… 200 clean watts through several speakers play almost constantly and out the vertical blinds is a a view of our front yard, water falls, a koi pond, old growth Maple trees and a copper fish sculpture I created years ago… life is good!

Until next time, thanks for stopping by!

I’ll try to answer questions when I can… Really trying to build this plane quickly… turning out to be longer than I thought just by the nature of documenting every thing…

Question for you: With what I’ve shared here in drawings regarding the wing, could you duplicate what I’ve done so far? Are there any questions about what and how I’ve accomplished what I’ve completed? Trying to estimate the amount of information you might want or need in order to duplicate this build… (So easy to assume I’ve included information that I carry in my head but never get around to writing in the build! Lol!) Had several issues in the Ryan build regarding glue and kicker used on the plastic vacuum formed fuselage for that kit. Glad members asked!

Ok… Time to cook dinner and take a break.
Hope you’ve enjoyed so far!

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