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Unusually warm day today (around 22-23C!!!), so I convinced two of my friends who run electric buggies and TCs to join me and run my bikes at my huge local parking lot.
So, first out was the Kyosho HOR Suzuki, basically stock, with a Tamiya Tamtech brushed motor, Futaba ESC/Rx combo and a 1700/20C YR lipo. The slowest, indeed, so they both had some good fun, learning to make turns with it and watching amazed how the rider moves around the bike, like a real one!

Then it was my old TT FM1e, with a Nosram 13.5T and basically stock otherwise. This one would pull some easy wheelies due to the shortish gearing! In the end, I managed to destroy it myself (I know, shame on me! haha!). After showing some overconfidence, I managed to end over end the bike a couple of times... The second time the rear wheel fled away from the bike! The original single sided swingarm was intact, but the rear wheel axle snapped in two! Time for a double-sided swing arm, maybe a Torqueworks one? We will see... Anyway, it was good fun! (Memo to myself: Add nylon crashbars, the metal ones feel too creepy to listen to, when scratching the asphalt!!!!)

Then it was the Venom! This one is also slow, a bit faster than the HOR, but it responds quite leisurely to steering inputs, making it so easy to handle, even by my buggy friend who is trigger-happy to say the least!

Last but not least, the KP09, which is adorned by a new TT FM1n front brake, albeit still with the "Worlds" 13.5T LRP... The brake needs some more adjustment, so it grabs a bit more, and actually DO its job, but at least it works, courtesy of a Savox miniservo. It seems that the "turbo" functions of the Xerun 60A I was using the last few times I ran the bike were too aggressive in this rather warm day, and the ESC started stuttering at times. I lowered the settings a bit and it was all doing well again!

In all, a happy afternoon for my admiring new-coming to the rc bikes friends!
Even though I HAD my camera with me, I forgot it in the toolbox! Maybe tomorrow, again, then, but without the FM1e, this time! Sorry!
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