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Fast food flying .... I got a bit deillusionated / or better depressed, but I see this trend in other structures too.... I can ask my boss and suggest about a possible improvement in our processes and I tells me that we are too large and to slow to go this way .. at the same day I can start a workshop ( done last year in foam forum ) and can show what 40 modelers can do in their limited free time .... more than a economically structured ( if it would be so ) company in all the working time!
other thing is that I was able to "model " a prototype in preliminary state about 20 times faster than to be done using the structure or workflow !!! Telling this to him I had to hear that I have done wrong and not the process... Am I on the wrong world? Is stowlyness going to be payed??? Is lethargy a skill???

If this is the way it is I will have to claim my own " world" where posibilities are still open and skills or the goodwill to go forward are still accepted ( at least, if not to be honoured)

Ok this finally came a bit off topic, but I guess this is the consum trend where everyone of the " rich" is able to buy, but only those who manufacture raise in their abilities and so will overtake the power to move/ rule the world!! I'm definitely a builder not a buyer!!! and if something costs about 5$ in the store and can be for 6$ done by my own ... I 'll pay the buck to have the fun!
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