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A mini review (surprised to find so little info about this plane on RCG)

I received mine a few days ago.
Two flights so far, both ending in minor crashes.

I used the included contact cement. It cures to a dirty yellowish color. And isn't very strong. (Not sure if using a not-so-strong glue might be better since crash damage might be more clean on the glue joints. Anyway, I am using with 5-minute epoxy for repairs.)

There is no assembly manual.

There are 2 slots molded in the foam to accept carbon rods for wing reinforcement. No carbon rods were included. Luckily I have some lying around, I think it's 2mm. Fits well.

Proper CG is mentioned at HobbyKing reviews/forums to be just in front of the finger grips. With Spektrum AR6110 and no VTail mixer onboard, and with a 3S 800mAh Zippy 20C, my CG ends up about 10mm in front of the finger grips.

Maiden flight was difficult due to the amount of up-elev trim (about 4mm up) needed. And also due to over-sensitivity of controls.

My last crash seemed to be due to something working loose in mid-air, resulting in loss of control. Suspected to be the snap-fit elevon control horns.

Now I have to replace one servo.
And one elevon is a little torn and bent, I may have to glue thin carbon rob at the trailing edges of both elevons.
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