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I'll one up you, tolyan23. I've completely reverse engineered the firmware. Here's what you need to "undo" the calibration (menu 1, the one-shot menu):

You need a copy of the firmware. You need an ISP adapter. (Hint: that link is for the "official" one. There are many that are cheaper.)

WARNING: This process will reflash your charger. This information is provided without any warranty, express or implied. When you brick your device, your only recourse is the ISP adapter.

Here's what I did:
  1. Download the current contents of flash and eeprom. The flash image will be larger. Open the flash contents in a hex editor. Look for english messages inside. Open the eeprom contents in a hex editor. Look for lots of FF's but a few values that are not.
  2. Carefully write down your existing calibration values. These are stored in the eeprom, at the following addresses:

    0x390: .word 0x1377
    0x392: .word 0x2644
    0x394: .word 0x1366
    0x396: .word 0x1338
    0x398: .word 0x1344
    0x39A: .word 0x12FB

    (Technically, they are stored big-endian while the entire system is little-endian. It's a bug.)
  3. Erase your flash and eeprom. Yup, you just bricked your device.
  4. Write a new flash image. If you write nothing to the eeprom, the device returns to its "factory" state, and you can recalibrate everything.
  5. Generate a new eeprom image with the values at 0x390 - 0x39B reset to 0xFF. (An empty eeprom is filled with 0xFF.) If you leave everything else in the eeprom untouched, you have successfully undone menu 1 calibration.
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