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Eye-Plane... Super simple, Super cheap: It's FREE!!!


(This is what happens at this end when I get an idea that won't let go... it becomes a reality!)

I thought about this yesterday.... an entry level, super easy to build, super easy to fly, super cheap to build because it's FREE!

Introducing "Eye-Plane"!

Less than 30" span, Elevator, Rudder, Aileron & Throttle, designed to be hand launched (although super easy to add gear or a launch hook for vertical catapult launching in tight quarters...) If you're familiar with my sailplane background and my use of airfoils and washout, then you already know my intentions to make this so forgivable (stall resistant), slow, stable and easy to fly... White depron foam, CF tube booms, Birch dowel main wing spar and leading edge.

Went through my "stuff drawer" and pulled out a small "blue wonder type brushless (wished I knew the specs, but I'll give you some rpm/prop size, amp draw, once it's all together... I'm sure I got it from an outfit in China.. I think it was Hobby King because the ESC attached to is is an HK 10 ampESC,... (Super cheap like maybe $10 each The motor and the ESC?) also a a spektrum ar500, and four HXT 900 9 gram servos (two for ailerons, one for elevator and one for rudder.

The whole idea is that the standard style EyePod, will mount onto the nose of the "Eye-Plane" using rubber bands... this will allow the user to to have a fully dedicated aerial photography plane with an adjustable camera mount... and be able to remove the entire EyePod and mount it onto some other plane...

I think this one is going to be a kick and I think I can design, engineer and built it in a few (full) days if I photograph every step of the way... Once done, I can then start a build thread....

Anyone out there capable of taking hand drawn (traced" patterns and templates and turn them into digital drawings in a tiled PDF to post here? The whole idea is that the plans for this plane will be free for non-commercial use to anyone who wants to build one...

I will try to use the least expensive items to build this plane (Choosing CF tube for the booms because they are super strong... Using wood dowels for the wing spars and leading edge because they will work fine withing the scope of the flight envelope...), Anyone wanting to modify the design is more than welcome to and hopefully will share their ideas with the rest of us once the build thread starts...

Ok... so here is the first concept sketch, I'm out to buy some Cellfoam 88 at my local hobby shop (I want to use exactly what most people can get their hands on) along with some foam safe glue and kicker... I think (I hope!) it's going to be a LONG weekend!


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