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Soft stuff and Old stuff

Tim, from the looks of it laying over your arm I can only imagine the Softness of that stuff! I can imagine all sorts of uses!

For this particular project though, I see the thinner moongel working easier and possibly better (Thinner and easier for the average modeler to get their hands on it)... I have saved the McMasters catalog page (Expensive place to buy from but they must have EVERYTHING in the world that was ever made! lol! I keep their catalog on my desk as back up to when I need something quick, no matter what the cost...

Tom, Thanks for the kind words about the Telos... It's still one of my favorites although there's not much sloping near by... (I got spoiled in the old days when I lived less than a mile from Hughes Hill where Jerry Bridgman, Daryl Perkins, Mark Grand and the like used to fly... I had a home made wind meter up on the roof that would operate a volt meter... Had a wire hooked up to the needle (very crude back then) so that when it hit 10 knots, it would sound an alarm and that meant quitting time had come and flying time was about to begin...

Here's a short video of the maiden flight for the Telos at Hughes hill... rainy day but a lot of people showed up to see if it would finally fly... nose heavy, but after adjusting the CG, it was great! After dialing it in further, experimenting with ballast and pulling the stick back to force the canard wing to act as a brake I learned just how fast, slow (It could truly hover with complete aileron control), and aerobatic this plane was.


Telos Maiden flight, February 2, 1987 (2 min 3 sec)

Working on the sketch and preliminary drawings for the little EyePod AP plane... This is definitely going to be fun...

In case anyone is wondering, I REALLY LOVE my job! I've been designing planes since I was a kid (taking apart those Guillows stick rubber band planes to turn them into "other things" lol! (didn't we all?!?!)... Later when I began creating kits and especially when I got into film, Television and prototype work, there were many times when a deadline was looming like a monster storm just days away and my days blurred into one, pulling 18 to 20+ hour days and nights (longest was 76 hours straight... no naps, no drugs... just a lot of coffee! ), just to get it all done and shipped... So when an idea as simple as this little plane I'm conjuring up comes to mind, It may seem like just more work (and it is), but Geeze this is when I have the most fun! I'll share more as it evolves!

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