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A "fan" for 20 years?!?!?!?! By any chance did you fly the slopes at Hughes Hill in Los Angeles way back then, or just find me in one of the magazines back then? Either way, that was a Loooong Time ago! lol! Thanks!

And thanks for the kind words!

As for helicopters... There's a specific EyePod (this size for the 808 key chain camera) just for the Lama series and CX2 series Coaxials... I need to get this build thread going first... hopefully, I will be able to get some photos of it mounted in the next few weeks...

I had a few people email me asking about the EyePod and just regular air to ground "Aerial Photography"... YES! Absolutely YES!... That was kind of the whole motivation until I also began thinking of photographing the plane itself like in the OV-10 Video... Taking that question a step further...I came up with what I think will be a great idea (as If I need another plane to design! lol!)

I just sketched up a small (under 30" wingspan) twin boom aerial photography plane designed to carry the standard EyePod camera mount, rubber banded on to the fusealge at an angle... totally removable yet totally integrated into being a part of the fusealge... small 9grm servos, ar500 rx, small "blue Wonder" sized brushless and 10amp ESC turning a 7 x 6 GWS prop... Should be fun... super easy to build and cheap using blue Fan Fold or Depron foam... Planing to keep it as cheap as possible letting others do the high performance mods as they seem fit... The idea is to design and build the prototype around the (Eyepod standard version) and publish the plans here for free... That will give anyone who wants to, the opportunity to build a small aerial photography dedicated AP plane... Twin boom, pusher with the camera in front capable of side to side positioning to straight ahead to even looking rearwards... The drawings will make more sense than my words... lol!

Planning on beginning the control drawings tonight. Maybe have a presentable sketch/rendering for you by tomorrow...

Thanks for the visits and kind words!

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