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Originally Posted by tele1974 View Post
Stock battery dimension? Great question! I was wondering the same thing. The e-flite site does not list the dimensions of the battery. At 60oz, 2:1 thrust to weight and a 48" span, this plane is going to handle wind well. 5-10 mph with my PA Katana and it gets packed up. Durable, and flyable when my balsa planes in the same size are not. Sweet.
If you would like to donate to the tele1974 carbon Z yak fund feel free to pm me and I will give you my paypal account.

Do you think that landing gear is going to hold up on a grass run way?
Would be nice to know what cheap batteries will fit, or if those with Habu batteries could use them for longer flight times. The stock battery should be a decent indication, but battery slot dimentions would be even more useful. I would love to know if I can work out a common 2650-3,000mah battery that I can stock up on to fit all my 4 cell stuff, of if I am looking at spending hundreds for a total of 20 minutes worth of flight time on some odd sized proprietary battery, it is a given the 2800mah stock batteries will be hard to come by for a while once it is released. It kinda sucks having only a single battery for weeks until spares get out into stores, or a decent alternate is released ala blade 120SR.

I do think this is going to be good in the wind too. My PKZ extra can handle an amazing ammount of wind for it's size, plenty of power, very manuverable, and a little on the heavy size, instead of fighting the wind, it makes it easy to use the wind for aerobatics. From the looks of things the Yak will probably fly similarly, although a little more floaty with much better slow and post stall flight charachteristics with a lot more control throw and power.

As far as the gear working well on grass, it remains to be seen, but it looks tall, wide and raked forward quite a bit, good for prop clearance and stability, same wire style legs that my Extra has, plenty of spring to take the shock of hard landings. The wheels should be 2.5"-2.75", going by relative mesurements of the side profile photo on HH's website, it shouldn't be a problem, especially with the pants that look pretty narrow, they help cut through grass a bit better than the wheels alone. If the wheels are smaller, and there is not room in the wheel pants for bigger wheels, then it is pretty easy to just stick a set of bigger wheels on, although it doesn't look as good. I've had very good luck in the grass with my extra wearing 2.5" wheels raked forward a bit more than stock, and a 1.25" tailwheel, coupled with full high rate up elevator and a 10.5" prop it rolls great in the grass.
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