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Construction: Coaxial cable type

Coaxial type:

For this type you need to cut 3 or 4 pieces (depending on how many grounded elements you want) of wire to your wavelength. Thomas uses 3. I will use 4.

Strip wavelength of the jacket from your coaxial cable and fold back the shield. You should have exactly wavelength worth of center conductor exposed.

Trim your folded over shield to about 1 (25mm) or so and twist it up into 3 or 4 strands 90 degrees (or 120 degrees for 3 conductors) apart. Tin those strands with solder to keep them stiff.

Now solder your wavelength wires to these strands so that the base of the wire butts into the coaxial cable.

Measure all of your elements being sure each is exactly wavelength from the center of the antenna. Trim if necessary.

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